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Welcome to the Secret Plant Society (SPS) Wiki, where users contribute their knowledge of the SPS world for the benefit of the community. Secret Plant Society is a popular game in which players grow and hybridize fantastical plants in order to earn experience points and virtual gold through passive gameplay.

A key element of this game is the discovery of new species through experimentation, and the mystery and challenge that this creates. In line with the stated preference of the players on the official site and the intent of the game makers, please avoid asking what combinations are required for specific hybrids, or giving direct public answers to this sort of question, so as to not spoil the fun for other players. This includes posting the precise hybridisation details in the pages or comments. Asking how to create a plant is likely to result in half-truths at best. I recommend the excellent Facebook group 'the secret plant society hybridization paths and tips' for people who want spoilers rather than hints via pictures.


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